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Toe-Tapping, Head-Banging, Ass-Shaking Classic Rock and Roll


Before delving into the band’s history, we need to address the origin of the band’s name. There are, of course, many connotations, implications, and insinuations with a name like “Angry Balls”, but the true meaning is quite simple: The band is named after one of our favorite drinks, “The Angry Balls”, which consists of a glass of Angry Orchard Apple Cider with a shot (or more) of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

As always, please drink legally and responsibly…

In 2012, Kevin “The Hitman” Marino (drums) met John Swartz (bass) at an open mic, and subsequently formed the band *Glass-Eyed Monkey*. The band toured for about 6 months, developing a reputation for providing a hard-driving sound to a variety of classic rock songs, with dose of strong harmonies and a sense of humor. After a one-off gig in 2013 with the local “party-rock” band *The Rockoholics* in 2013, Kevin and John were recruited to form *The Irregulars*. The experience expanded on their collective repertoire, and gave them the opportunity to develop a more creative approach to covering songs – allowing for new arrangements of classic songs while still maintaining the feel of the originals.

In 2015, Kevin and John replaced the rhythm section of the local cover band *Sonic Euphoria*. While the band played some great material, it did not allow Kevin and John enough opportunities to provide lead vocals as the band had a dedicated lead singer. When the group disbanded after a few months together, John and Kevin met Keith Kryzynski (guitar) and a new musical project was born. The three members quickly established a good camaraderie and collective repertoire between them. Keith also quickly learned several songs that John and Kevin had been performing, and brought a more modern harder-edged sound to the band (with some great new additions to the repertoire).

The debut performance of The Angry Balls Project occurred in February of 2016 at the Chit Chat Lounge in Haverhill, MA. Since then, we’ve performed at over a half-dozen locations, mostly in the Merrimack Valley (including Hudson NH, Chelmsford, MA, Lowell MA, Salem NH, Methuen MA, Haverhill MA, Seabrook NH, and Salisbury MA).  Keith left us in 2017 to pursue his other bands – he was replaced for a year by Jesse Silva, and now Scott Poesse (after beating out several potential new players) has taken over the guitar role and The Angry Balls Project are once again ready to bring a full night of their brand of Toe-Tapping, Head-Banging, Ass-Shaking Classic Rock and Roll to YOU!

“Go Balls!” – Pauly

“Did they kill it or what?” – Dave

“Thank you Kevin company ! You guys were great hosts and a pleasure to work with!” – Donald

“Another rockin’ weekend at the Chit Chat! Thanks to Merrimack Delta Dub Set and The Angry Balls Project for two great shows!” – Joe

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