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Toe-Tapping, Head-Banging, Ass-Shaking Classic Rock and Roll

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Before delving into the band’s history, we need to address the origin of the band’s name. There are, of course, many connotations, implications, and insinuations with a name like “Angry Balls”, but the true meaning is quite simple: The band is named after one of our favorite drinks, “The Angry Balls”, which consists of a glass of Angry Orchard Apple Cider with a shot (or more) of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

As always, please drink legally and responsibly…

In 2012, Kevin “The Hitman” Marino (drums) met John Swartz (bass) and Dave Hines (guitar) at an open mic, and subsequently formed the band *Glass-Eyed Monkey*. The band toured for about 6 months, developing a reputation for providing a hard-driving sound to a variety of classic rock songs, with dose of strong harmonies and a sense of humor. After a one-off gig in 2013 with the local “party-rock” band *The Rockoholics* in 2013, Kevin and John were recruited by Erick Preston (guitar) to form *The Irregulars*. The experience expanded on their collective repertoire, and gave them the opportunity to develop a more creative approach to covering songs – allowing for new arrangements of classic songs while still maintaining the feel of the originals.

In 2015, Kevin and John replaced the rhythm section of the local cover band *Sonic Euphoria*. While the band played some great material, it did not allow Kevin and John enough opportunities to provide lead vocals as the band had a dedicated lead singer. When the group disbanded after a few months together, John and Kevin met Keith Kryzynski (guitar) and a new musical project was born. The three members quickly established a good camaraderie and collective repertoire between them. Keith also quickly learned several songs that John and Kevin had been performing, and brought a more modern harder-edged sound to the band (with some great new additions to the repertoire).

The debut performance of The Angry Balls Project occurred in February of 2016 at the Chit Chat Lounge in Haverhill, MA. Since then, we’ve performed at over a half-dozen locations, mostly in the Merrimack Valley (including Hudson NH, Chelmsford, MA, Lowell MA, Salem NH, Methuen MA, Haverhill MA, Seabrook NH, and Salisbury MA). Now The Angry Balls Project are ready to bring a full night of their brand of Toe-Tapping, Head-Banging, Ass-Shaking Classic Rock and Roll to YOU!

John Swartz (Bass Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Godzilla-Keeper)

Neither growing up on a farm nor an MIT education could prepare John Swartz for the life of a rock and roller. While his love for playing music became at a young age (playing the French Horn in elementary, middle, and high school; and becoming his church’s organist during high school), seeing KISS perform at the height of their popularity when he was 13 changed his life forever.  Aside from playing in two garage bands in high school (where he first picked up a bass guitar, after having been a keyboard player), John’s real indoctrination to playing in a rock band would happen nearly 30 years after that first concert, when he helped form a local cover band known as “SIX”. A few years later, John was invited to some local open mics and jams and met new musicians. It was at one of these open mics that he met Kevin.  And you’ve already heard “the rest of the story” above…

Kevin “The Hitman” Marino (Drums, Lead and Backing Vocals, Broken Drumsticks)

The story of Kevin Marino is shrouded in secrecy. Rumor has it that Googling him will return a completely blank page in your web browser, and repeated attempts will crash your computer (or cause your mobile device to explode). Even his bandmates can’t tell you if “The Hitman” refers to his proficiency on the drumkit or something more sinister – they don’t ask – they just don’t… Having been in various local bands north of Boston over the past few decades, logos for his former bands *The Midnight Dogz* and *Star Bird* still adorn the band’s current practice space.   Reasons for the break-ups of those groups have been widely speculated, and rumors that it was due to someone touching Kevin’s drums can not be confirmed…or denied… In 2012, Kevin met John Swartz and again the history of that partnership has discussed above.  Kevin also plays drums and sings in the local blues-rock band *On The Screws* – is the name a loose reference to “putting the screws to” someone?  We don’t know, and we don’t ask – we just don’t…

Keith Kryzynski (Guitar, Backing Vocals, Perpetual Motion)

The real “metalhead” of the group, Keith has been playing guitar since he was 14. He was in a thrash band named *Krucix* from 1991 to 1994 in which they recorded 3 CD’s and toured the local scene extensively. Krucix broke up in 1994 and Keith’s band career went on hiatus until 2005, when he reunited briefly with the singer of *Krucix* with a band called *Deathgrip*.  Starting around 2008 and continuing to 2013, Keith played around in various cover bands, playing rock n roll covers, old school thrash with a heavy influence on Iron Maiden, and acoustic rock. In the midst of that (in 2010) Keith briefly played with Jack Lynx, co founder of the original metal band *Shadowlynx*. Jack would later contact Keith about auditioning as a permanent member of *Shadowlynx*, and he continues playing with them to this day.  Given John and Kevin’s reputation of going through guitar players like *Spinal Tap* goes through drummers, it’s probably a good idea that Keith has another band to fall back on…

Other Killer Guitarists

Keith Kryzynski is now pursuing his other bands, and while he will join us for some future dates, we will also be utilizing the talents of some other great guitar players. As they are currently in the Angry Balls Witness Protection Program, their identities for now will only be revealed at future gigs, but they will allow us to expand upon our current repertoire – come to the next gig and check them out!

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