March 24th – Party for Mama Kin – Sayde’s in Salem, NH!!

“It ain’t easy, livin’ like a gypsy
Tell ya, honey, how I feel
I’ve been dreaming
Floatin’ down stream and
Losin’ touch with all that is real
Whole earth lover, keepin’ under cover
Never knowin’ where ya been
You’ve been fadin’, always out paradin’
Keepin’ touch with Mama Kin”

One of our favorite Aerosmith tunes, and the namesake for one of our biggest fans who’s birthday is coming up, so we’re having a party, and you’re all invited! Back at at our favorite bar (with great food too!) in Salem, NH – Sayde’s at 136 Cluff Crossing Rd (just off exit 1 on I-93, near the Rockingham Mall.

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